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Bring your cybersecurity to the next level

We help your company to create business taking full advantage of today's digital and complex world with minimum cyber risk by providing personalized, coherent and delightful set of services.


You can TRUST US!

Let us assist you with protecting your business

As a trusted advisor you can RELY ON US to integrate a zero-trust security model in your organisation. We can consult you about any information security challenges you are facing using our devotion, professionalism and reliance.


Cyber Tech Group: Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services

Helping you to manage and secure your most critical asset - your information!



Services meet your needs

You can rely on us to provide you with a variety of comprehensive ICT Security consulting services that are tailored to your needs and your system’s requirements.

Security Testing

Have the security posture of your organization tested and assessed by our security team before cyber-criminals try to exploit it.


Governance is a complete set of services that assists companies during their institutionalization process.


Set of services to establish, roll-out and monitor compliance framework.

Incident response

We can Respond, Detect, Investigate and provide breach incident response services.



  • Finance and insurance

  • Utilities and energy

  • Telecommunications

  • Academic institutions

  • Public sector/Government

  • Healthcare

  • Other

Finance and insurance

Cyber-security requirements run especially high when it comes to the Finance and Insurance industry. On one side, it has to remain resilient to cyber-attacks at all times. On the other side, Financial and Insurance institutions risk to lose their licenses if they fail to meet the regulatory requirements for ICT security. We help Banks, FinTech companies and Credit Unions successfully pass the annual security testing and validation processes.


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Utilities and energy

Although going digital brings many benefits to the Utilities and Energy sector, it comes with risks in terms of cybersecurity. Now, more than ever, operators in that sector must ensure their hardware and software assets are safe from attacks.

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If anyone has had any doubts about the central role of telecommunications in personal and business life, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how life in modern society is unimaginable without them. Telecoms are now more than even responsible to protect customers’ personal data, forestall fraud and prevent hacking attacks. Stay ahead of your competitors by resolving the three most important challenges facing telecom operators — making security an integral part of the enterprise IT architecture (74%), inadequate management commitment (64%), and keeping abreast of fast-changing information technologies (61%).

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Academic institutions

In recent years the education sector has been rising on the radar of cyber-criminals. The key areas which make it an attractive target include Valuable Data, Financial Gain, Espionage and Impacting Operations. Across all these areas, we can support you put in place adequate measures now and keep your academic/educational organization protected against cyber threats.

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Public sector/Government

Governments at various levels should be best prepared to identify and respond to cyber-attacks, but are they? Our focused and dedicated approach to ICT Security can be instrumental in helping the public sector address the many challenges of the digital era. Seek advice from our expert team on how to deploy efficient protection against a range of threats and reduce potential ICT Security Risks.

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Do not let cyber-criminals take your patients in hostage. Ensure compliance with healthcare and PII regulations and protect sensitive medical records. Stay focused on saving lives, we take care of security.

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Make no mistake — cyber-criminals are lurking around you and your business, big or small. Data protection laws and regulations also apply to all. This means that resilience of your services is a must.

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About us

About us

We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with a wealth of expertise in the field of cyber (information) security. We stand ready to help secure your most valuable asset — DATA. Our experts have been awarded best of breed certifications recognized in the cybersecurity community, including CISSP, CEH, CRISC, CISM, CISA, OSCP and more.



As your trusted consultant with a vast experience, our duty is to swiftly identify and promptly address the biggest challenges in cybersecurity that your business faces, even more so when it comes to ensuring your data is adequately protected. Our mission is to help your organization to assess potential risks, develop and strengthen your cybersecurity and implement innovative techniques for your business, taking you to the advanced level, and all that in compliance with regulations.



Inspired by helping companies to create business with a sense of security and a feeling of quality control over their IT environment, our vision is to build a reliable and secure cyberspace that allows any organization to take full advantage of today's digital and complex world with minimum cyber risk.

What other have to say

We are observing significant dynamics in the development of cybersecurity threats. This dynamic is at dissonance with the project business of private companies and public organizations - as long as a project is planned, budgeted and built - the situation has changed. In combination with the difficulties in hiring highly-trained specialists - the outcome is clear. Тhat is to say - competent and trusted services for building, maintaining and developing cybersecurity by specialized companies. Cyber Tech Group rightfully claims it`s place among the pioneers in this transformation.


Alexander Stamenov

Country Manager at „CLICO Bulgaria“

As the owner of a software company with many foreign partners, the security of our network infrastructure and platforms that we develop is extremely important to me. I am really impressed by the service which Cyber Tech Group provide and the personal attitude to each case or problem. They were with us all the time when we needed them and I assure you that Cyber Tech Group are really good at what they do. We thank the team for their working pace, professionalism and positive attitude. I would not look for other options and highly recommend CTG as a reliable partner!

Michail Nikolaev


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